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Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Looking for hardwired alarm sensors for your Hardwired Alarm System? We offer hardwired sensors for virtually every application to protect or monitor just about anything you can think of.

Click the type of sensor you are interested in below to see all the hardwired sensors available for that type.

More About Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Hardwired alarm systems offer the biggest bang for the buck, providing that you are able to get wire from point a to point b in your alarm installation.

Hardwired alarm sensors and detectors are perfect for new construction or remodels where the walls are open and it is easy to run wire. Hardwired sensors are substantially cheaper than their wireless counterparts and because the sensors do not need batteries, they are generally much smaller in size making them less obtrusive and more appealing.

Hardwired sensors and detectors are not brand specific like wireless sensors are. They are universal and work with all brands of hardwired alarm systems such as DSC, Honeywell, GE, Napco and the like.