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Every system we sell requires some amount of wire. It may be as short as a 25 foot piece of 18/2 to connect the power transformer to the main panel in a wireless system or it can you may need multiple 500 foot rolls of 22/4 in the case of a fully hardwired system.


More About Wire

We offer the most popular wire you may need for your security system. 22 guage, 4 conductor is the most popular because it can be used for most everything on an alarm system. 22 ga. is what is specified for not only the alarm devices such as doors, windows and motion detectors, but this guage is also used for the keypads and and any expansion modules. 

We recommend 18 guage, 2 conductor stranded for your power transformer and any sirens and strobes you may have on the system.

For fire devices such as smoke detectors, generally red jacketed "fire wire" is required by code in most areas. Always check with local code authorities when unsure.

Finally, we do also offer Cat 5e network cable if you need this for any IP / enternet connections between the equipment. This is also used for our IP cameras. Do not use Cat 5 for any alarm connections however.