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Alarm Monitoring Services Explained

Some of you may know exactly how your alarm system utilizes services and what services you need, but for those that don't, the following pages will quickly get you up to speed. The information on this page pertains to only the companies we work with and the services we offer, so things may be different than what you are used to from other companies. 

If you are looking to purchase services from us, keep in mind, we are a Do-It-Yourself dealer meaning the leg work for the alarm system will need to be done by you. This is what allows us to offer affordable monitoring services that are on par with the best installation companies out there. We are here to help though, so you will not be alone on this venture. We are available for support during the process if needed. 

Our step-by-step process on activating services is as follows:

Step 1: Purchase the services you wish to utilize for your alarm system using the pages below.
Step 2: After purchase, you will be sent an instructional email for each service that needs to be activated. These emails contain forms that you will need to fill out before we can activate you. 
Step 3: Once your forms have been completed, you will contact our customer service via email.
Step 4: We will begin the verification process on your forms, and start the activation. Once finished we will inform you that you have been activated and provide any additional instructions needed. (Patience during this step is appreciated as we have to be very thorough with our verification process, and in most cases, have to wait to hear back from your city officials before we can finish the activation)

And thats it! We do our absolute best to offer the most streamlined experience possible!

Alarm system services we offer


-Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Central Stations are companies that provide you with 24/7 alarm signal monitoring. They have operators standing by at all hours of the day to notify and dispatch emergency services in the event your system goes into alarm. The central station we work with is Security Central, a 5 diamond rated, UL certified alarm monitoring company that has been protecting customers like yourself since 1963. This is also the service that provides you with an alarm monitoring certificate that can be given to your insurance company to lower your premium.

For more information on how to get Central Station Alarm Monitoring for your system click here. Interactive Services is a smart home and business security platform that provides cellular and IP connectivity to their services. While relatively young in security industry, they have quickly become one of the biggest providers for services and a leading technological innovation company.  At the very base level, their service provides an affordable solution for transmitting alarm signals to a central station. Moving up from there, also offers varying levels of interactivity to your alarm system and smart home devices which can be used to self-monitor your alarm system. On top of that, their services can be utilized to provide cloud based video surveillance options as well. They cover a wide array of options and technology for both home and business security settings which can be personalized to your liking.

For more information on services click here. 

-Total Connect 2.0 Interactive Services

Total Connect 2.0, powered by Alarmnet, is Honeywell's proprietary cellular and IP interactive solution for their alarm systems. Honeywell (soon to be branded Resideo for their security division) is one of the most prestigious names in the world when it comes to innovation and technology. They have been going strong for well over a century now, and their reliable products and services show that. By utilizing their technology and service, you can transmit signals to a central station, get interactive and smart home services and even video surveillance as well. Total Connect 2.0 is limited to Honeywell and Resideo alarm systems only.

For more information on Total Connect 2.0 services click here.

-Alula Universal Interactive Services

Alula is a professional smart security provider created from the merging of 2 companies, Resolution Products and ipDataTel. They offer dual-path communication options for both signal transfer to a central station via the phone line connection on your panel, and interactivity with your alarm system if your system is compatible. While we do not carry an abundance of Alula products, we do carry the BAT Connect universal communicator that works with almost all alarm systems to varying degrees. Depending on the system you have you may be able to use Alula service as a way of both professional alarm monitoring and/or self-monitoring. 

For more information on Alula service and the BAT Connect communicator click here

-Uplink Cellular Security and GPS Services

Uplink is a cellular alarm system and GPS communication provider that use universal solutions for your security platform. Uplink was actually the very first company to utilize cellular communications for alarm systems way back in 1996. Their communicators connect to the phone line terminals on alarm systems and report your alarm signals to a Central Station. In addition to that Uplink can provide you with different types of GPS communicators for cars, trailers and other equipment you want to keep an eye on. 

For more information on Uplink services click here