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How To Video Tutorials

When you've been selling security equipment to do it yourselfers as long as we have, you learn a few things. We learned early on that alarm manuals are almost useless to DIY installers for example. They are lengthy and full of terms that a layman is often not familiar with.

To aid our DIY security customers we created what we call quick start programming guides for the security systems we sell. These cut the fat of a 100 page manual down to just a few pages and give you simple step by step instructions. While these programming quick start guides are still invaluable to many, we've found another format that has grown in popularity over the years. Video!

Want to answer questions such as :

  • How do I program my alarm system? 
  • Why is my DSC security keypad beeping constantly? 
  • How do I add a user code to my alarm system?
  • What does Check 100 RF mean on my Honeywell Vista 15P / 20P?

We've been creating video tutorials / how to videos for several years now and cover most of the basics and even some more advanced topics such a resistor usage with alarm systems. We have grouped the videos by brand/model as well as production status, modern or legacy. Modern systems are systems still currently in production and supported, and the legacy videos are for systems that have been discontinued and will not longer be updated. Hopefully between our site and our Youtube Channel you can find the helpful information you need!

Modern Alarm System Videos

Modern Alarm Service Videos

Legacy Alarm System Videos