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If you need guidance for technical support, don't despair! We offer many resources right here on the website for assistance.

Video technical support can be accessed by navigating your browser to our How To Videos page. We've got a lot of very useful information contained in these videos that should get you through nearly any challenge you're facing. Our support videos are categorized by make and model to help you find what you need fast.

We also offer our Quick Start Programming Guides that steps you through the alarm programming process step by step if you are having issues programming your system. We offer these for all the DSC, Honeywell, and Interlogix panels that we sell and you can access them here on the Quick Start Programming Guides Page.

Another great resource is our Product FAQ's. Not only is there a trouble shooting section for each product, but there are tons of answers to common specification / capability questions as well. 

We have also created a Facebook Group that is a great place to seek assistance. While we monitor and often respond to questions directly in the group, other experienced installers also participate in the group and are helpful as well.

Finally, If you have have purchased your equipment from us and have an order number and you can't find a solution to your problem, please click here to schedule a tech support callback from a technician. We offer toll free tech support for 

Please note that tech support is for assisting with issues you are are stuck on or that need toubleshooting help. Tech support will provide you an example of how to program an item, but they cannot step you through the entire process. If you want us to program your system for you, we do offer pre programming service.

If you just need a little help with certain areas of programming or setup or you don't want to use our free guides or video tutorials and would rather have a 1 on 1 with a tech support person via phone to step you thru whatever issue you have or assistance you need, we offer our very affordable premium toll free tech support This option is also available to those that didn't purchase their equipment from us as well.