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Telephone technical support for up to 15 minutes


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With the purchase of this item you will be entitled to 15 minutes of tech support from our technical support staff by phone.

While this service was initially offered in order to assist customers that purchased equipment elsewhere that were unable to get help from their supplier, it can also be used by our customers that would like assistance beyond our normal tech support policy for purposes such as walking you through programming or you just wish to discuss your support issues via phone rather than via email with our tier 1 support reps.

Our premium support is available for DSC, Honeywell and Qolsys systems.

You must have and know the installer code for your system if we are to provide you with any programming assistance.

Telephone Technical Support Purchase Terms:

By purchasing this service will provide you with up to 15 minutes per order of alarm system related telephone technical support at a scheduled appointment time of your choosing between the hours of 9am and 5:45pm EST Monday thru Friday, excluding all national holidays.

Such technical support may be used for the purpose of alarm system programming assistance, troubleshooting / diagnostics and or system demonstration and training. Technical support is limited to alarm / security system and related equipment and excludes any third party equipment that said equipment may be connected to such as network devices, routers and telephone systems.

AlarmSystemStore will make reasonable efforts to resolve a support issue within the alotted support time however customer understands that purchasing this technical support does not guarantee a support issue will be resolved. Customer further understands and agrees that this service is non refundable once support time is booked and confirmed via email.


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  • I have an old Radionics D6112 board that I'd like upgrade to a DSC NEO system/board using the current hardwired sensors I have. I see that for the NEO systems end of line resistors are required/recommended but the resistors on my old system don't match those needed by the NEO system. Many of my windows have recessed switches which would seem to make changing the resistors a problem. Is there something I can do to address this? Thanks in advance.

    The EOL resistors will have to come off any pre existing wiring. There's no way around it. The system can use EOL or not use them but in either case pre exisiting resistors that are a different value would cause issues. Recessed contacts are usually press fit generally do come out for servicing.

  • Hi, I purchased premium tech support and am wondering the best way to get on the phone with someone? Just call and leave a message?

    After purchasing you will be sent an email with a link to a form to schedule your support call.