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DVR Recorders

DVR Recorders

We carry a line of DVRs/NVRs for your video security needs. These recorders have the capability of delivering high-resolution images up to 4K / 12 MP quality. The recorders accommodate IP cameras and can also power them with their built-in Power Over ethernet feature. The recorders are also ONVIF compliant. 

More About DVR Recorders

The DVRs/NVRs we offer are capable of handling cameras that can display images in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. They include both HDMI and VGA outputs for display. The recorders support the recording of up to 12MP (4000 x 3000) Resolution Images giving you high-quality footage where you can pick out detail.

You can choose between the 8 channel recorder with 2 or 4 TB of storage or the 16 channel recorder with 4 or 8 TB storage. Each recorder has the ability to handle 2 10 TB SATA storage drives for a maximum of 20 TB of storage space. The recorders are also ONVIF compliant which means, no matter the manufacturer, you can use any ONVIF compliant IP camera with these. 

You can also use audio with the cameras being used with these DVRs/NVRs because of the audio inputs/outputs built into them. You can also have the DVR/NVR trigger external devices when a camera motion event happens or you can have an external device trigger recording when the external device is triggered. This is possible because of built-in trigger inputs/outputs. The DVRs/NVRs also have the capability to let you use pan/tilt/zoom style cameras.