BBB Business Review Hardwired PoE Cameras Hardwired PoE Cameras

This category of cameras offers a hardwired PoE setup, meaning any Power over Ethernet (PoE) supported router can be used to power the devices. In situations where you do not have a PoE router or modem, these cameras do offer a connection vis the ADC-VACC-PWR-VC101 power adapter (sold separately). If by chance you are looking to use an SVR, PoE cameras are the only type that will connect to an SVR. Some PoE cameras also offer onboard recording using an SD card if you just want local recording per camera. The WD Purple Surveillance Grade SD Cards are the recommended SD cards for cameras. 


More About Hardwired PoE Cameras


 PoE cameras are a great option for those who have some experience already with video devices and are used to the power over ethernet setup. One of the main advantages of our PoE specific cameras is their ability to be placed indoors or outdoors.

The ADC-VC727P is a great choice for most people. It has 1080p HDR video recording along with Two-Way Audio, allowing you to communicate with someone through the camera remotely. Another underrated feature this camera has is perimeter guard, allowing the camera to flash an LED light at intruders that step through a line set by you through the app. The next camera is a bit more niche however has a considerable advantage. The ADC-VC728PF has a varifocal lens that allows you to zoom in and out remotely through the app. It can be adjusted from 3.2mm up to about 9.8mm, meaning you can have about a 3x zoom. Besides that feature this camera is mostly the same. This camera is perfect for those trying to monitor an area that might be farther away, or if you just want more control over your camera. The last camera option is the ADC-VC827P Dome Camera. This camera supports 1080p resolution with a high field of view. This camera is best if you are wanting to cover a large area in a commercial environment such as a shop. It can also be used in a residential area just fine as well however.

A couple of things to also take into consideration is that all of these cameras mentioned can be used with’s analytics plan as well as also having an SD card slot if you plan to go that route also.