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The Pro Video With Analytics service is a step up over the regular Pro Video option. The camera limit is still 4 cameras, but you get increased clip storage of 3000 total clips per month, and you can utilize video analytics on cameras that support it. Some cameras also offer an SD card slot for onboard 24/7 recording, and using this service allows 2 cameras to utilize this feature.

Video analytics allows you to manually adjust the motion capture for your cameras to better regulate what triggers them. It allows you to manipulate virtual "triplines" to determine exactly where motion capture will be triggered as well as set up areas that will disregard motion. On top of that, cameras with analytics capability will have facial recognition features meaning you can set the cameras to only trigger when a human face is picked up by the cameras. Video analytics from is a constantly improving feature so you will always have the best tech at your disposal.

If you need more than 4 cameras check out the 4 camera expansion option below.  

This is an activation price ONLY. When your services have been activated, you will be billed for your first month of service at $9.95 + any additional services you have. On that date every following month you will be auto-billed for your total service amount. Our services do not require a contract and may be canceled at any time.