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While's video packages cover multiple cameras, there may be some just wanting to use a video doorbell. This Single Doorbell video package allows just that. While incorporating the ability to use any Skybell, or video doorbell, this service also provides video analytics to video doorbells that can use it. Currently, only the ADC-VDB770 can use the video analytics features, so if you want the full capability of this service, that is the doorbell to get. With your video doorbell, you will be able to peek in, speak/hear through your app if your doorbell supports 2- way audio, and capture 1200 monthly clips. If you are using the VDB770, you can set up video analytics on the doorbell as well allowing you to utilize motion customization and facial recognition. This service is designed to be stand-alone, but can also be mixed with another video plan if need be. for example, if you have 4 cameras on your Pro Video account, but want to add a doorbell, this can be used instead of a 4 camera expansion to add just doorbell capability. 

This is an activation price ONLY. When your services have been activated, you will pay your first month at $5.50 + any other services you may have. On that same date each subsequent month you will be auto-billed for your total service cost. We do not require contracts and you may cancel at any time.