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Add to Wishlist Video Add-on: SVR Streaming Video Recorder Service 24/7 - $5 per month. No Contract, cancel anytime.

For those of you who wish to have 24/7 recording for your cameras, here we are offering the SVR Streaming add-on. This is the monthly add-on to your Video Account. Each SVR to be added to the account will require its own add-on. That means with 3 SVRs, you will need 3 purchases of this product. These work in conjunction with the video service you have, so if you have only the basic pro-video service, the 4 camera limit will still apply, but will have the ability to record 24/7. SVRs are also able to record audio when using compatible cameras. Most SVRs are 16 channel recorders, so you can have up to 16 total cameras per SVR. There are different hard drive sizes allowing a varied amount of 24/7 video storage. To learn more about the SVRs you can check them out here:


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