BBB Business Review Interactive Add-on: Voice Notifications For Alarms for $2.00/month


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The Voice Notification for Alarms add-on allows you to receive automated calls from when your system goes into alarm. It allows up to 3 numbers to be added to a call list so that when your system goes off, they are called in succession. The call that you receive is a generic automated alarm message and gives you the option to give a user code over the phone to disarm the system. Once the user code has been given the alarm will stop and the system can be re-armed after the call is ended. This can be very handy for customers who like the self-monitoring aspect of but want a more prominent notification than a text or app push alert. Voice Notification for Alarms only pertains to alarm conditions. If you want to have voice notifications for other aspects of your system, you can check out the Voice Notifications for Non-Alarms.


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