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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

Although all of the alarm systems we sell can do wireless in addition to hardwired. The hardwire / wireless hybrids as they are called require some wiring for keypads and sirens however. For those wanting a total wireless security solution and a fast and easy install we offer great options from the top manufacturers below.
  • Qolsys Wireless Security Systems

    Qolsys Wireless Security Systems

    QolSys or Quality of Life Systems is a manufacturer of electronics and security equipment that provides users with items that improve and protect their quality of life. Building on modern solutions and utilizing the most innovative technology to date, Qolsys continues to bring the best all-in-one se...

More About Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless security systems, as with most technology has come a long way in the last decade or so. Modern wireless has become very reliable and much more secure too in that time. Battery life, long an objection by most installers in the past has also become a non issue. Not only has battery supervision improved to the point where you are now given a low battery notice well in advance of it totally failing, but battery technology has improved tremendously and a 5 year battery life in a device is very commonplace.

Wireless technology used among the different manufacturers varies a great deal and there are certainly some pros and cons among them. Some may have less range yet offer more options in the type and variety of wireless sensors for example, while another brand's wireless may be newer technology that offers greater range. For further information and a more detailed overview of the wireless used by the four major alarm manufacturers we sell, check out our blog post comparing wireless security equipment.