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Qolsys IQ Panel 4

Qolsys IQ Panel 4

The new and improved IQ Panel 4, made by Quality of Life Systems has been announced. With features and innovations that make home security simple and safe, the IQ Panel 4 stands out among commercial-grade, all-wireless alarm systems.


More About Qolsys IQ Panel 4

Using the same base design as the IQ Panel 2+, but improving almost every aspect, the IQ Panel 4 gives you access to many of the best wireless technologies out to date including PowerG from DSC, and many different legacy wireless options that you may already have in your home. With the new processing unit, the IQ Panel 4 has pushed wireless range to the limit of its cards capability meaning you can cover more of your property without the need for repeaters and additional modules. This, coupled with the ability to use Z-wave devices, gives you almost limitless control over your home security and automation. Using the integration from's LTE cellular services, you can create rules that allow you to make your entire home play well together, such as turning on an outside light when your driveway sensor is tripped, or unlocking your door when you disarm the system to enter your home. The IQ Panel 4 also has built-in Bluetooth features that allow you to disarm the system hands-free when you approach your home in the event that your hands are full.

Qolsys has improved on the IQ Panel's base features by adding a new 8 Megapixel flex-tilting camera, as well as 4 super powerful Quadsound speakers. The new flex-tilt camera ensures you get the best disarm pictures and alarm recordings with 120-degree FOV and crystal clear image quality. The IQ 4 offers 2-way communication using the built-in MEMS microphone and brand new Quadsound speakers. The Quadsound speakers give you peace of mind that you'll always hear any chimes for your system, as well as act as an 85 Decibel siren in the event of an alarm condition. If that is still not enough sound, Qolsys has created the IQ Base, a speaker base giving you incredible sound output as well as letting you stream music through Bluetooth from your phone.  Just another way The IQ Panel 4 is the next addition you need for your home. 

This security panel offers up to 128 total security zones with no restrictions on device megahertz frequency. The IQ 4 also offers 4 total partitions if you want to section out the system and have them act independently of each other. Utilizing the 3000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the IQ Panel 4 will last over 24 hours in the event that the power goes out, meaning you will never go unsecured. This system is capable of holding up to 242 user codes as well, each with varying limitations of control that you set, perfect for even larger businesses with many employees. The IQ 4 is able to handle 137 z-wave devices as well using services. These are separated by type: (80 lights, 20 Locks, 10 Thermostats, 21 Misc, 6 Garage Doors). Using an interactive service allows you to give your system rules on how to interact with each other in many fashions.