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Qolsys IQ Panel 4 No Screen

Qolsys IQ Panel 4 No Screen

The all-new Qolsys IQ Panel 4 No Screen is a cost-effective variant of the award-winning IQ Panel 4. Bringing modern efficiency and modest pricing to a commercially qualified wireless panel, Qolsys has designed the IQ4NS to be programmed and operated solely via phone apps. The Qolsys Installer app makes programming a breeze, while's interactive service app allows you to operate the daily use of the system. is not required but is HIGHLY recommended with the IQ4NS.
Qolsys IQ4 NS PowerG Only - IQ Panel 4 No Screen Variant
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More About Qolsys IQ Panel 4 No Screen

The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 No Screen is a variant of the traditional IQ Panel 4. The IQ4NS is designed to be operated and programmed using smartphone or tablet apps. The programming is done using the new IQ Installer app downloadable on the Google Play store for Android and the Apple store for iPhones. This app allows you to pair to the IQ4NS to access the same programming permissions as the standard IQ panel 4. Once the system is programmed, connecting it to an interactive plan will allow you to operate the user functions of the system like arming and disarming. The system can be used locally, but you would need a wireless keypad like the IQ remote or DSC NEO wireless keypad to do so. 

While the IQ4NS feels like a very different system due to its new programming method, the system still offers a lot of the same features as the IQ4. Capable of holding up to 128 zones of your choice of 4 different wireless frequency cards. These frequencies are 915MHz (PowerG), 319MHz, 345MHz, and 433MHz. This means the IQ4NS is still an ideal system for taking over legacy wireless alarm systems without requiring all of the sensors to be replaced. The only downside with using a single wireless card model is that some of the older frequency wireless setups, like the legacy DSC 433MHz wireless, are now discontinued so they are harder to find replacements for. Be sure to do your research on your current wireless devices if you are planning to use the IQ4NS as a takeover. If you are planning a new system, it is recommended that you use the PowerG model, as the PowerG is designed to be the longest-lasting wireless devices for alarm systems. 

Those considering automation will not be disappointed either. The IQ4NS contains a Z-wave wireless card built-in to allow you to connect automation devices such as lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, etc. The IQ4NS system can support up to 137 various Z-wave devices. You will need to have an Interactive + automation plan or higher to be able to access and control those devices. There are limits to how many of each type of automation device you can have on the system, however, which are as follows:  80 lights, 20 locks, 10 thermostats, 6 garage doors, and 21 miscellaneous devices. Miscellaneous devices can include water valves, water meters, shades, wellness devices, you name it. and Qolsys both have tested recommended devices that work best, but any Z-wave device can be connected to the system. Be aware that some Z-wave devices that are not tested, may not have full functionality.