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Qolsys IQ Accessories

Qolsys IQ Accessories

Here you'll find add-ons and accessories for your Qolsys IQ panel including things such as table stands, power supplies, etc.


More About Qolsys IQ Accessories

The Qolsys IQ Panels have accessories that you can add to the panel to give you some cool add-ons that will enhance the use of your IQ Panel system. 

Here we feature the IQ Remote. This is a 7" color add-on touchscreen keypad that you can add to the IQ 2 Panel Plus or IQ Panel 4 so you can have another keypad in a different area of the building. This add-on keypad connects with the main IQ Panel via WIFI and can grab updates for itself through this method as well. You can pair three of these add-on keypads to your IQ system. 

The next accessory we have is the IQ4-Stand for the IQ Panel 4. This will allow you to set your IQ Panel 4 on a nightstand, table, or stand next to your favorite easy chair. This will give you another option of mounting instead of installing it mounted on a wall.

The other items we feature in this section are for keeping your Qolsys panel operational. We have the QR0018-840 backup battery. This battery is for the Qolsys IQ Panel which was the first generation before the IQ 2 Panel Plus was introduced. This also acts as the backup battery for the DSC Touch wireless system. We also have the QR0041-840 backup battery which is the battery you'll need for the IQ 2 Panel Plus system.

The last thing you'll find here in this section is the QR0029-840 power transformer for the IQ 2 Panel Plus alarm system. Each IQ 2 Panel Plus comes with a transformer. These are for when you need a replacement.