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DSC PG9HRDW8 PowerG Wired To Wireless Converter In Large Cabinet


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The PG9HRDW8 is the perfect module for adding hardwired sensors and modules to your IQ panel. Expandable up to 40 zones, 2 keypads, and offering programmable output support you can outfit your IQ panel with many hardwired options. This translator works with all IQ panels from the IQ Panel 2+ and IQ Panel 4 and uses PowerG technology so single RF Panels like the IQ Hubs and IQ4NS panels must be the PowerG model. 

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DSC PG9HRDW8 PowerG Wired To Wireless Converter In Large Cabinet

The PG9HRDW8 is an optional wired-to-wireless wireless translator module for Qolsys IQ Panels, from the IQ Panel 2+ on, that allows you to integrate hardwired devices into the system. This module is very similar to a DSC NEO main board outfitted with a PowerG wireless transmitter capable of reporting to IQ Panels. By operating on the PowerG wireless frequency you can rest assured that the PG9HRDW8 will provide the best wireless interference protection and the largest range of any alarm system wireless technology to date. By using this module you can integrate a large number of devices from keypads to hardwired smoke detectors. The PG9HRDW8 offers a larger plastic enclosure than the PG9WLSHW8 giving you more space to add HSM2108 zone expanders to increase the number of hardwired zones available. The enclosure also offers space for a large backup battery which is recommended in case of AC power failure. The PG9HRDW8 includes a power supply and the necessary resistors for the 8 onboard zones it comes with. Additonal zone expanders will include the required resistors as well. The PG9HRDW8 can support any type of standard hardwired sensor giving you the opportunity to either reuse existing wired components in your build or just add wired devices to the IQ setup due to preference. 

By default, the PG9HRDW8 offers 8 wired zone inputs on the main board in the unit. This can be expanded up to a total of 40 zones by adding the DSC HSM2108 8-zone expander modules, which will fit easily in the larger enclosure. It is also able to support up to 2 HS2 series keypads from the DSC NEO line allowing you additional entry and exit points at a lower price point than the IQ Remote keypads. Keypads used with the PG9HRDW8 are not able to program or operate many functions in general outside of arming and disarming, but less access means fewer potential intrusion opportunities as well. The main board is capable of providing up to 700mA of power to the devices mentioned so far, however, if that is not enough, the PG9HRDW8 can support 1 HSM2300 power supply giving you an additional 1A of power for your devices, though it will not fit inside the enclosure. In addition to standard hardwired sensors, you'll also have the option to add up to 18 2-wire smoke detectors, or a similar number of 4-wire smokes if you want to separate the sensors by floor or room. These smokes are powered using 1 of 2 available programmable outputs on the translator which is programmable from the IQ panel after enrolling the translator. In addition, the PG9HRDW8 can support sirens through a bell output, giving you up to 700mA worth of power. Using a pair of low-current draw sirens like the MG50JR gives you plenty of sound output while not overdrawing the board. 

Enrolling the PG9HRDW8 is a very simple process as well, requiring only that you have the IQ panel set to the Auto-Learn option. Up to 2 PG9HRDW8 converters can be used on any given IQ panel. When the wired-to-wireless converter is enrolled the IQ Panel will automatically add the initial 8 zones from the PG9HRDW8 main board to the system. These can be customized as desired, or removed so that they do not show on the system. Adding zone expanders is very simple as well and all you will need to do is connect them to the PG9HRDW8 and reenter the Auto-Learn menu of the IQ Panel. Once the IQ Panel has picked up the added zone expanders, each expander will add 8 zones into the IQ Panel which can then be configured as needed. Every module that can be connected to the PG9HRDW8 enrolls on the IQ Panel allowing the system to supervise the modules as well as control any necessary features of them. This includes tampers as well meaning any modules connected will require that all tampers are resolved or it will keep the module from working properly with the IQ panel. In short, the PG9HRDW8 is an easy-to-use accessory for the IQ Panels opening up a lot of options in terms of sensor use while still operating using the best alarm system wireless connection to date. 


Dimensions: 11.9" x 15.6" x 3.6"
Power: 18VDC 2.22A
Offers support for:
- Up to 18 conventional 2-wire smoke detectors
- CO detectors, 4-wire smoke detectors
- Siren output (Supervised) 12V @ 700mA
- NEO Hardwired Keypads x 2 (HS2LCD & HS2ICON)
- Up to 4 NEO Zone Expanders (HSM2108)
- NEO Power Supply x 1 (HSM2300)

PG9HRDW8 Install manual
PG9HRDW8 Data sheet



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