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DSC Power G NEO Wireless Door & Window Sensors

DSC Power G NEO Wireless Door & Window Sensors

The DSC Power G Neo Wireless Door & Window Sensors can be used in a myriad of situations. We have Power G door and window sensors that can be used indoors and outdoors. We also have a sensor for the installation setting you are installing them in. Whether it be surface mount or recessed; we've got you covered.

More About DSC Power G NEO Wireless Door & Window Sensors

You can use the DSC NEO Power G door and window sensors for a variety of installation situations. For instance if you need a slim transmitter that will fit nicely on a window and isn't too big or bulky you'll want to check out the PG9303 door/window transmitter. This is a very thin transmitter that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and is designed to be used in places where you don't have a lot of room.

 If you need a surface mounted transmitter for a door and don't mind it being larger then you can utilize the PG9945 or PG9309 for your installation. They contain auxiliary hardwire terminals on the inside so you can wire in a simple normally closed wire door switch. Great for takeovers. The PG9945 is for residential use while the PG9309 is used for commercial purposes. 

There's also the recessed wireless if you don't mind drilling into the door jamb and door to install. People prefer these most times because they are hidden. You can use the PG9307 wireless recessed transmitter for these installation types.

If you're looking for a wireless solution for an outdoor type install then you can use the PG9312 Outdoor Wireless Door / Window Transmitter. This is a surface mount transmitter that can be used to secure a shed door or window. This, like the PG9945, has built-in hardwire connectors that let you utilize a simple, hardwired normally closed door or window contact.