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DSC Power G NEO Wireless Miscellaneous

DSC Power G NEO Wireless Miscellaneous

DSC has a few miscellaneous wireless Power G devices that don't fit in the other categories. These are optional devices that you can add to make your system more robust. You can find wireless sirens, flood detectors, temperature detectors, plus a few more.

More About DSC Power G NEO Wireless Miscellaneous

The NEO can use wireless sirens so you'll find those in this category. They offer the PG9911B-BATT Power G outdoor wireless siren which features a blue strobe light and the ability to relay the outside temperature back to your DSC NEO keypads. They also make the PG9901BATT wireless indoor siren and it is good for making loud noise indoors to annoy and upset any burglar entering your home uninvited.

Other items in this category include the PG9985 wireless Power G flood detector. You can use this anywhere in the building where natural flooding might occur like by a water heater or storage tank. The next item in this category can be used to monitor temperature changes. The PG9905 is a wireless temperature sensor and most people would use this to monitor if their heat is working in the building. By using the PGTEMP-PROBE you can turn the PG9905 into a unit to monitor the temperature of a freezer to detect if it is working properly as well.