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DSC Power G NEO Wireless Keypads & Remotes

DSC Power G NEO Wireless Keypads & Remotes

DSC offers a few wireless items for their NEO panels that allow arming and disarming of the system. These options are good for people who can't run wire for a new keypad or just want a handy fob to carry with them in their pockets. 

More About DSC Power G NEO Wireless Keypads & Remotes

DSC offers two wireless keypads that anyone using the HSM2HOST9 transceiver or an RF keypad can use to add arming, disarming, and control of the system to another spot in the building without having to run extra wire. The first wireless keypad that DSC offers for use with the NEO would be the HS2LCDWF9ENG wireless alph-numeric keypad. This is a two line, full message display keypad that can be used when you want another keypad but can't run wire for it. They make another wireless keypad that is almost identical to the HS2LCDWF9ENG but it allows users to present proximity tags to arm and disarm the system instead of punching in a code. This keypad's model number is HS2LCDWFPV9ENG and it features a built-in proximity tag reader. The proximity tags you'll use with this keypad are the MPT (Mini Prox Tag) models.

If you're not really needing another keypad but instead want a solution that you can carry with you then DSC has an assortment of keychain remotes or keyfobs that you can use for easy, quick arming/disarming of your NEO alarm. The first keyfob for the NEO is the PG9939 and it is a 4-button keyfob which features Away, Stay, Disarm, and a Panic buttons. The next keyfob for the NEO is the PG9929 and it's a slimmer version of a 4-button remote. This doesn't take up as much space in your pocket then the PG9939. The next in the NEO lineup of fobs is the PG9949 which is a simple 2-button keyfob for arming and disarming. And lastly, there's the PG9938 single button panic button. This is handy to keep in your pocket or purse to trigger a panic alarm in an emergency situation.