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DSC PowerSeries PG9938 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Panic Key


Quick Overview

The PG9938 is a wireless PowerG panic button that can be used to set off the alarm from a distance if the need arises. These are handy for keeping next to your bed or on a keychain while you working on your yard outside.

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DSC PowerSeries PG9938 PowerG 915Mhz Wireless Panic Key

If you're looking for a personal panic button solution to carry on your person in case of a personal attack in your home or business then the DSC PG9938 single-button panic button is your choice for peace of mind. This sleek, single-button panic key can be carried in your pocket, worn around your neck, or worn on your belt using a convenient belt clip. 

This panic key features a 2-second button press delay to prevent accidental false alarms. This can be used to set off the siren or to send a silent signal to a central station monitoring service.


Dimensions 53 x 33 x 11mm (2.1 x 1.3 x 0.4in)
Battery Life for 5 years (Typical usage)
Battery Type 3V, CR2032
Weight 15g (0.5 oz)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)

DSC PG9938 Installation manual
DSC PG9938 Specifications sheet


Activation via the large, easy-to-use button
Integrated LED to indicate signal transmission and acknowledgment
Multifunction clip and neck strap
Full 2-second delay on the panic button
Fully Supervised