BBB Business Review Services Services offers a variety of very affordable cellular based services. From basic wireless signal forwarding to an alarm monitoring center to self monitoring services and feature rich interactive services. Available for all major security brands.
  • Residential Service Plans Residential Service Plans offers some of the most comprehensive interactive services available to alarm systems. Using Interactive services from you will be provided with an app for remote access to the system that can also be integrated with Z-wave home automation services to give you complete control ov...

  • Commercial Service Plans Commercial Service Plans offers commercial plans for both Interactive service, and video plans. These plans are specifically designed to heighten security and improve the productivity of your small to large business. Along with features specific to each commercial system you have under's service, if you ...

  • Annual Service Plans Annual Service Plans

    For those that want to pay for a year upfront with no contract, we offer plans that fit your needs. All plans we offer can be found in this section, the prices however are adjusted to match a year's worth of service. The activation process for annual plans is the exact same as wi...

More About Services

Whether you plan to have your alarm system professionally monitored or wish to self monitor it yourself, provides the most cost-effective, feature-packed services available today. From the most basic signal forwarding level if you choose to use our alarm monitoring service, all the way up to Residential Gold Interactive, has a plan to fit your needs. Commercial installations can also take advantage of services with 3 service levels similar to residential but geared specifically to the unique needs of a business. And let's not forget video that can be used with or without an alarm system.

To utilize services for an alarm system you will need a compatible alarm system and communicator. Compatible systems that we feature include: 
DSC Power Series NEO 
Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P Series
DSC Power Series (1616, 1832 and 1864)
Qolsys IQ Panels ( Comes with Communicator Built-In)
You can find all of our communicators here.

Though we do not stock these panels, we also can provide service to: 2GIG & Interlogix Systems.

At the most basic level, provides reliable cellular communication to a central station monitoring company if you wish to use such a service. This takes the place of out-dated phone lines or less than reliable internet service. 

Moving up to the Interactive level gives you all the advantages of cellular communication with a world of interactive possibilities. Many of the functions normally accessed only on a keypad can now be controlled remotely through an app or on the website. Like arming, disarming and changing user codes for example. In addition, you can receive notifications via text or email of all system events that you choose such as armings / disarmings and alarms. At this level, you can also take advantage of Geo-Services. This unique feature can trigger messages or actual events to take place based on where your phone is located. So for example, you can set it up to receive a warning text if you travel more than a mile from home and your system is not armed. 

If home automation is your goal, has a solution. In the interactive + automation level you get all of the innovative interactive features of the previous level plus the ability to control a wide variety of Z-Wave lights, locks, switches, and thermostats. This functionality is possible thanks to the built-in Z-Wave controller in the communicator. 

Residential Gold level includes all the features mentioned above. Plus you can add image sensors which will take a picture based upon the rules you set up such as video clips when an alarm goes off can be sent to you. You can also "peek in" to these cameras on demand when you like. 

When you have home automation and or video options with the customizations are vast. Using if / then logic in your "rules" offers lots of personal customizations for a variety of scenarios and system events. Paranoid about a water leak? Program a main water valve to be automatically shut off anytime you arm the system in "AWAY" mode. Want to know when your child gets home from school? Have the system send you a text when his / her user code is used... better yet, have a snap shot or video clip sent to you as well. These are just a couple examples the integration can offer you.

If continuous recording is your goal the Video 24x7 level is for you. This service can be used stand alone without an alarm system and makes implementing a video surveillance system with remote viewing a breeze. With this level, you will utilize the streaming video recorder. In addition to real-time viewing, you can record the streaming feed to the cloud so no one can steal the video evidence!