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Alula Security Services

Alula Security Services

Alula provides great devices any home or business owner can use to keep a close watch on their property. Services offered include receiving notifications via Email, SMS Text messages, and Automated phone calls. An app is also provided to give the user remote control.


More About Alula Security Services

The Alula Security Services essentially provide users with the ability to receive their own email and SMS text notifications of alarm events. This is known as self-monitoring where you receive your own alarm events instead of having them sent to a central station monitoring service. Not only can you use this as a stand alone, self-monitoring solution, but you can have the Alula devices send signals to a central station monitoring service as well.

The other benefit you get while using the Alula communication devices is that you will get a smartphone app for iPhone or Android phones that will allow you to arm and disarm your panel and, if you have a compatible system, see system status on a virtual keypad. You will also get a list of past alarm history and the ability to give your users and zones aliases so you will receive a name instead of just a user number or zone number.

We wrote a blog post describing all of the in and outs of Alula and the devices they offer for self-monitoring which you can read HERE.