BBB Business Review Commercial Service Plans (Monthly Plans) Commercial Service Plans (Monthly Plans) offers commercial plans for both Interactive service, and video plans. These plans are specifically designed to heighten security and improve the productivity of your small to large business. Along with features specific to each commercial system you have under's service, if you have multiple systems you can use an Enterprise account that allows you to see all of the systems on one page. This can make managing multiple locations much simpler because you will have access to commercial activity and system use reports for each system viewable from a single login. In addition to the Interactive features just mentioned, there are also commercial video plans available that can help improve the workflow of your establishment. These video plans, when used with's Pro Cameras, give you access to's business analytics giving you reports showing activity throughout the building. Suppose your business location hosts any Z-wave devices that you would like to integrate into your alarm system. In that case, that can be done using the Interactive Plus service, giving you access to the Z-wave card located in communicators. On top of that adding Central Station Alarm Monitoring service can be added at any time to accounts, or they can be used stand-alone for a comprehensive self-monitoring setup.


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