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Here you will find all of the cameras and equipment that you'll need to take advantage of's Video Monitoring services. The cameras are marked with their network communication method: WiFi, or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Choose your cameras and then go pick an video service level. After you do this you can enjoy the convenience of checking in on your home through your interface while you're away. 


More About Video Cameras

The video cameras provide high-quality images so you'll be able to pick out distinguishing features of anyone invading your property. These cameras record in 1080p resolution and in H.264 format. They have various camera types that are available and we will outline those below.

The first camera in the offering is the ADC-V522IR indoor stationary camera. This camera has 1080p resolution and records images in the H.264 format. You will get full-color display and night vision of 15 ft. 

The next camera, which is also for indoor use, is the ADC-V620PT. This differs from the other indoor camera in the fact that you can use the pan and tilt feature of this camera to move it around so as to see what is going on in the surrounding area that may be outside of the current field of view using the app. This camera has a 720p resolution and records in H.264 format. 

They also offer a third camera that is good for use indoors and outdoors and it is the ADC-V722W. This camera has 1080p resolution and records in H.264 format as well. The night vision you'll get with the camera is 40 ft in total darkness. 

Not only does provide cameras but they also have two other items. The first item is a Streaming Video Recorder. This will allow you to have a DVR function for your cameras. The SVR will store video footage on it's hard drive. They offer a 1TB (ADC-SVR1001) and 2TB (ADC-SVR1002) hard drive version. The next item that offers makes it so you can use analog video cameras that you might already have. The ADC-VS121 will convert your analog surveillance cameras from an analog signal to a digital IP signal. You'll need one ADC-VS121 per analog camera.

Of course to use all of these you will need to be signed up for the Video Services. They offer a Pro Video Package for 4 cameras. With the Pro Video package you will get 1000 clips stored per month and a live look-in feature. If you need more than 4 cameras then they have an expansion package for an additional fee that will add up to 4 more cameras. To use the Streaming Video Recorders you will need the Pro Video package and the and the Video 24x7 package. You get to view and look-in on your cameras from your account through the website log-in or smartphone app.