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Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 Cellular Trail Camera


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Tactacams Reveal X Gen 2 is the cream of the crop for cellular trail cameras, offering loads of features and high-quality images for an incredibly affordable price. The main differences between the Reveal X Gen 2 and the Reveal X Pro, if you are trying to decide between the 2, are that the Reveal X Gen 2 does not come with a touchscreen on the camera, and the IR light does not use the "no-glow" feature. The Reveal X Gen 2 contains just as powerful of a camera lens, though, and all the same features as the Pro model. The lack of no-glow IR technology actually allows the Reveal X Gen 2 to capture night images from a much further distance giving you 96+ feet of IR coverage. Accompanied with the 96+ feet of motion capture ensures you will always see what triggered the camera even at long distances. The IR LEDs are considered low-glow and will be illuminated on the camera itself, though, so while not overly obvious, depending on the application, it may give the camera away when it snaps a pic. Adjusting settings with this camera requires that you set the cameras slider bar to setup, and pair the camera with your phone via wifi. Once connected you will have access to the cameras settings while in close proximity. Once the Reveal X Gen 2 is paired with the Tactacam Reveal App, all settings can be changed straight from the app remotely if this is easier for you. Triggers for this camera are incredibly quick, giving a sub-1/2 second trigger speed on the motion detection so you don't miss whatever the camera sees. Using the hybrid camera mode increases the speed at which you receive your images and can also improve battery life on the Reveal X Gen 2. Powering the camera will require 12 AA batteries, or you may also use the battery pack and solar panel accessories to keep your camera running at all times. All Reveal X cameras are rated for IP66 waterproofing and have a very wide temperature range, so they can be used in almost any environment. The Reveal X Gen 2 can utilize full-size SD cards ranging from 16GB up to 32GB. The recommended SD card brands are Tactacam, Lexar, and Sandisk. 

Activation of the Reveal X Gen 2 is conducted through the app as with all Reveal cams, and gives you the option to choose which carrier the camera will use. During the activation, you will choose which included SIM card to use, and then activate the camera accordingly. Once finished, the camera will be enrolled on the app, and you can begin using the camera. 



Camera Mode- photo; Photo+video
Day/Night Mode- Day: color, Nighttime: Black and white
IR range- 96+ feet
PIR angle- 45°
Flash- Low-Glow IR technology
Lens- F=6mm; /No=2.0; FOV 60° Auto IR-cut-remove (at night)
MP- 16MP (interpolated) 
SD Card- Class 10, U3, 16GB-32GB, minimum 90MB/sec
Communication- LTE wireless
Operating temp- -25°C to 60°C / -13°F to 140°F
Operation humidity- 5% to 90% 
Waterproof rating- IP66
Dimensions- 3.62in x 4.13in x 5.47in
Battery- 12 x AA cartridge or optional 12V battery pack or solar panel


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