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Wire & Installation Supplies

Wire & Installation Supplies

We have a selection of commonly used wire and installation supplies to make your DIY installation that much more hassle-free. We carry 18 and 22 gauge wire and install supplies such as butt-end connectors, wire pulling tools, drill bits, and strippers.
  • Installation Tools

    Installation Tools

    We're your one stop shop for alarm and security system installation tools. These useful tools will come in handy while installing your new system or making changes to your existing one...

  • Installation Supplies

    Installation Supplies

    Alarm wire connectors and splice supplies. ...

  • Wire


    Every system we sell requires some amount of wire. It may be as short as a 25 foot piece of 18/2 to connect the power transformer to the main panel in a wireless system or it can you may need multiple 500 foot rolls of 22/4 in the case of a fully hardwired system. We offer the most popular wire you...

More About Wire & Installation Supplies

We carry a variety of wire and other supplies for your wiring needs.

We have a selection of wire for your alarm systems. For your higher power needs, wiring from transformer to AC terminals as well as to your sirens, we carry 18 gauge 2 conductor stranded wire. For your alarm sensors, modules, and keypads we have 22 gauge solid wire in 2 conductor and 4 conductor. We sell these in 25, 50, and 500 foot lengths. We also have 500 foot 18 gauge solid fire wire in 2 conductor and 4 conductor for your smoke and heat detectors. This wire can also be used for lower voltage applications. Finally, we have Cat 5e data cable in 1000 foot length for your camera systems.

In addition to the wire, we also offer a couple of supplies that make the installation of your wire much easier. We have splice connectors that make connecting 2 wires or adding a resistor very simple and easy. The keybus terminals on your alarm panel can fill up quickly with numerous wires, especially the auxiliary terminals. Once you figure in things like keypads, some hardwired zone expanders, an EnvisaLink 4, 4-wire smokes, a wireless receiver, and some motion detectors; those terminals have quite a few wires that need to connect to them. That’s where terminal bus expanders come in. Each one has 2 sides that can accept up to 6 inputs. So with 2 of these you can cut 6 keypads down to 1 wire going into each of the 4 keybus terminals. This quickly cleans up the inside of your alarm system cabinet and greatly decreases the frustration of trying to put too many wires into 1 terminal.