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Universal Communicators

Universal Communicators

These modules will allow your alarm to communicate signals via the GSM cellular frequency or IP internet and will work with any alarm system that has phone line terminals. These communicators work on the dialer capture concept which means that they pull the alarm data from the alarm panel's phone line terminals.
Backup Battery for the 3G4000USA Cellular Communicator
DSC 3G4000USA Universal GSM Communicator Cell Backup
EnvisaLink 4 IP Communicator Security Interface Module
IP BAT IP/CDMA Dual Path Alarm Transmitter Communicator
IPD CAT CDMA Transmitter Communicator
IPD ZWave Gateway 3.0 Zwave Control Unit
IpDatatel WiFi Broadband Alarm Transceiver
Uplink 4500EZ Digital Cellular Communicator
Uplink 4550 4G Full data cellular communicator

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