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Honeywell Communicators

Honeywell Communicators

These modules will allow your alarm to communicate signals via the GSM cellular frequency or IP internet and will work specifically with Honeywell alarm systems
3GL Internal GSM Radio For Lynx L5200/L7000
Honeywell 7847i IP Communicator
Honeywell CDMA-L3 (Verizon network) cellular radio for Lynx Plus
Honeywell CDMA-X (Verizon network) cellular radio for Vista panels
Honeywell DCID-EXT Dialer Capture Module
Honeywell GSMV 4G Cellular Communicator
Honeywell GSMVLP-4G GSM Cellular Communicator For Lynx Plus
Honeywell GSMX 4G Cellular Communicator
Honeywell VISTA-GSM4G Kit for VISTA 21ip
Wi-Fi IP Communication Module for L5100

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