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Alarm Communicators

Alarm Communicators

Many alarm systems include a telephone line based communicator built in, but if you need to communication alarm conditions via other means such as cellular or IP, we offer a variety of options here for any application. Some require use of central monitoring service, but we do have some options if you wish to self monitor as well.
  • Communicators Communicators

    These communicators are all ready and can be used for Residential or Business services as well as signal forwarding to a central station monitoring service if you so choose. ...

  • Alula - IPDatatel Communicators

    Alula - IPDatatel Communicators

    IPDatatel is now rebranded as Alula. Alula is taking what IPDatatel started and taking it to a whole new level. You'll find Alula / IPDatatel communicators in this section that you can use for self-monitoring and remote control....

  • Honeywell Communicators

    Honeywell Communicators

    These modules will allow your alarm to communicate signals via the GSM cellular frequency or IP internet and will work specifically with Honeywell alarm systems ...

  • DSC Communicators

    DSC Communicators

    These modules will allow your alarm to communicate signals via the GSM cellular frequency or IP internet and will work specifically with DSC alarm systems ...

  • Universal Communicators

    Universal Communicators

    These modules will allow your alarm to communicate signals via the GSM cellular frequency or IP internet and will work with any alarm system that has phone line terminals. These communicators work on the dialer capture concept which means that they pull the alarm data from the alarm panel's phone li...

More About Alarm Communicators

Here at Alarm System Store, we strive to give our customers the best options available. Alarm communicators are no exception to this. We realize that more and more people are moving away from landline telephone communication, with many new constructions not even putting it in as an option. Alarm communication is no different. Whether you want to self-monitor, communicate to a central station, or a combination of the two: we have a communicator for you. We offer brand specific communicators for the alarm panels we carry: 2Gig, Honeywell, and DSC. We also offer a variety of universal communicator options from Honeywell, DSC, Eyezon, and IP Datatel.

2Gig communicates exclusively through if you are not using a telephone line. The GSM communicators can be used for signal forwarding to your central station. also offers many remote interactive services for your 2Gig Go!Control panel through their GSM communicators that are amazing for self-monitoring. Those features can be used in conjunction with central station monitoring for an even more complete experience. The 2Gig communicators are made to easily snap into the panel and have optional antennas for better signal acquisition. You have a choice between AT&T and Verizon, depending on which has a better signal in your area.

DSC has various IP and GSM communicators that can be used with their panels. Most of these communicators go through DSC’s Connect 24 service or which require additional fees for communication. DSC offers a couple of different IP communicators: the TL150 and TL260. Each one has slightly different capabilities, but work great for your IP communication needs to a central station. There are various GSM communicators that DSC offers. The PowerSeries panels and the PowerSeries NEO panels require different GSM communicators. Additionally, the PowerSeries NEO has compatible GSM communicators available with or without IS214 image sensor support. As with the 2Gig communicators, they are available for use with AT&T or Verizon networks. DSC also offers dual path communicator options for those that want the added peace of mind of having two lines of communication in case something goes wrong with one. DSC has also made a universal GSM communicator. It achieves this by using a feature called dialer capture to use the panel’s phone line dialer and converting that to use over the cellular network.

Honeywell has quite a few options for communication on their panels, like DSC. Honeywell’s communicators all go through their Alarmnet service. The Honeywell IP and GSM communicators can be used for their Total Connect Services. Much like, Total Connect gives users access to their Honeywell panel and connected devices remotely. They have a couple of IP communicators; one for the Lynx and one for their Vista panels. Honeywell has quite a few GSM communicator offerings, depending on the type of panel you have. The GSMX and GSMV Honeywell communicators can be used with any ECP capable Honeywell panels. These can also be used in conjunction with the DCID-EXT dialer capture module that allows them to function as universal communicators.

We also carry a selection of communicators offered by third-parties that work with select panels to give you added capability, especially for self-monitoring, at a great price. One of our most popular communicators is made by Eyezon: the EnvisaLink 4. This is an IP based communicator that works with select Honeywell Vista panels and DSC PowerSeries panels. It is very easy to install and requires little programming, none on DSC panels. You will then setup a free account with Eyezon to use the convenient features that they offer through the EnvisaLink 4. The features include: arming, disarming, PGM activation, and customized notification. We also carry four different options from IP Datatel. These communicators work fully or partially with a variety of manufacturers and panels. The IPD-BAT is the IP based version. The IPD-CAT-CDMA is the GSM version. The IPD-BAT-CDMA is the dual path version. These communicators have features such as: full virtual keypad, keyswitch arming/disarming, and alarm signal notifications. IP Datatel also has a Z-Wave Gateway available that can be remotely accessed through the same app as the rest of their alarm system features.