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Motion Detectors Sensors

Motion Detectors Sensors

Motion detectors are sensors that detect movement in an installed area of a building. Some motion detectors are PIR (Passive infrared) only and some have a dual-lens which detect in the PIR and Microwave ranges. There are also motion detectors that have pet immunity so your animals won't accidentally set them off. Whatever your situation, we have a motion detector suited to handle any job.

More About Motion Detectors Sensors

Motion detectors can cover a wide area for the detection of movement. If you would rather not arm all of your windows with switches, you can cover a group of windows with one or two motion detectors. Motion detectors are best used as a backup to other devices such as door contacts. Motion sensors work by reading the heat signatures of a room and detecting large moving signatures of people entering the area. Motion detectors can be wall-mounted, corner-mounted, or, in some cases, ceiling-mounted. They are not recommended for use in hallways or to be pointed at stairwells as these installation instances can cause problems such as false alarms.