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Glass Break Detectors Sensors

Glass Break Detectors Sensors

Glass break detectors are used to "listen" for the sound of breaking glass. These devices are great protection for windows in a home or business and add an extra tier of protection when used with perimeter contacts and motion detectors.

More About Glass Break Detectors Sensors

Glass break detectors activate when they hear the sound frequency of glass flexing before it breaks and the glass breaking when it finally shatters. Glass break detectors a few years ago were famous for setting off false alarms when someone did something as innocuous as dropping a metal baking sheet on the floor. Today's glass break detectors contain sound processing technology that only sets the detectors off if the actual sound of flexing, breaking glass is detected. Most glass break detectors listen for the breaking glass up to a 25-foot radius and will not listen through closed doors or walls. They can either be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted.