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Four Wire Type Smoke Detectors System Sensor DSC

Four Wire Type Smoke Detectors System Sensor DSC

Four Wire Type Smoke Detectors can be used if you're looking to separate out different areas or levels of the building and want to know where a fire may have started. These use two wires for powering the smoke and two more wires to run back to your alarm panel zone. These can also sense heat and sound off if the right model is being used.


More About Four Wire Type Smoke Detectors System Sensor DSC

If you're needing a simple four wire smoke detector then the 4W-B is the perfect fit. This model is great for sensing smoke on any level or in any area of your home or business. These can be used on any 12 or 24 volt system and have a maximum 20 mA draw.

The next smoke you'll want to pay attention to if you're looking for a smoke detector that can sense heat is the 4WT-B model. These cannot only sense smoke but can also sense heat when temperatures reach 135 degrees.

The next smoke in the four wire lineup is the 4WTA-B which is the same as the 4WT-B, but comes with a built-in sounder for alerting those in the immediate area that there is a fire in the building. If you want all sounders in these smokes to sound then you'll need a reversing relay module like the RRS-MOD.

The last item you'll find here is the COSMO4W and COSMOD4W. The COSMO4W is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector and has to be used with the COSMOD4W module. You can run 12 combo units per module and the module provides the reversing relay action for the COSMO4W which contain sounders. The module separates out the smoke and CO zones before going back to the panel.