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System Sensor COSMO-4W 4 wire Smoke CO Detector Combo


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System Sensor i4 Series 4-wire Smoke / CO Detector

If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective solution to detecting smoke and carbon monoxide then the System Sensor i4 Series Smoke/CO Combination detector is what you've been looking for.

The COSMO-4W is a 4-wire smoke detector with built-in carbon monoxide detector. This is compatible with most hardwired alarm systems. You will have to use a control module. For the COSMO-4W you will use the COSMOD4W control module. The module is the interface between the detector and the panel. It allows a 2-wire or 4-wire device to communicate distinct smoke, maintenance and CO signals to the panel while reducing wiring requirements as compared to separate smoke and CO devices. The modules can handle 12 devices on a loop. In addition to that all COSMOs have a built-in sounder allowing the COSMOD module to act as a reversing relay, setting off all of the detector sounders at once.

When you run back to the main control panel from the module you will have two wires for power, two wires for the smoke zones, and 2 wires for the CO zones. The module will derive its power from your panel's auxiliary power terminals.

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  • Can i use just one combo smoke/co detector--cosmo-4w---in the middle of a daisy chain consisting of 6- 4 wire system sensor 4wtab smoke detectors, using the cosmo-4w interface module....or do I have to have all 6 units being combo units. As well what annunciation sound can i expect from my outside and inside horns from a co detection....horns are 20+ years old. Many thanks.

    Any combination of 4-W smokes and 4-W COSMOS can be used when a 4-W COSMOD is in place. The sound the sirens make depends solely on the alarm system and siren driver it uses. If it has a specific sound output for CO-triggered zones it will do so, otherwise, it will likely sound the same as a fire alarm.