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System Sensor 4W-B Four Wire Smoke Detector


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System Sensor 4W-B Four Wire Smoke Detector

4 wire type smoke detectors are compatible with all alarm systems, unlike the less popular 2 wire type. We're often asked which type we recommend, 2 wire type or 4 wire type. If you are going to have only a few and they will all be on one level, we recommend 2 wire type. On the other hand, if you will have smoke detectors on more than one level, will have more than a four or five, or you need them with built-in sounders we then recommend the 4 wire type.

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  • Will this unit work with a Brinks BHS-3000 system for monitoring??

    That is more dependent on the system than the sensor. All of our hardwired smokes will work on panels that can provide resetable 12V power to the smokes, and offer a zone input that can be set to supervise a "fire zone".

  • what is life span of the smoke detector

    The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing a smoke detectors every 10 years. While they often "appear" to function long after this, they generally lose sensitivity. PE type smoke detectors may begin to false as well.