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System Sensor 4W-B Four Wire Smoke Detector


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System Sensor 4W-B Four Wire Smoke Detector

4 wire type smoke detectors are compatible with all alarm systems, unlike the less popular 2 wire type. We're often asked which type we recommend, 2 wire type or 4 wire type. If you are going to have only a few and they will all be on one level, we recommend 2 wire type. On the other hand, if you will have smoke detectors on more than one level, will have more than a four or five, or you need them with built-in sounders we then recommend the 4 wire type.

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  • what is life span of the smoke detector

    The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing a smoke detectors every 10 years. While they often "appear" to function long after this, they generally lose sensitivity. PE type smoke detectors may begin to false as well.