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System Sensor 4WT-B Four Wire Smoke Detector With Built-In Heat Sensor


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System Sensor 4WT-B Four Wire Smoke Detector With Built-In Heat Sensor

4 wire type smoke detectors are compatible with all alarm systems old and new, unlike the less popular 2 wire type. This model is the same as the 4w-b except it has a built-in 135-degree heat sensor as well. We're often asked which type we recommend, 2 wire type or 4 wire type. If you are going to have only a few and they will all be on one level, we recommend 2 wire type. On the other hand, if you will have smoke detectors on more than one level, will have more than a four or five, or you need them with built-in sounders we then recommend the 4 wire type.

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  • I am using this in a remodel job as a single smoke-heat detector. Do I need to use an EOL relay if there is only one detector without integral siren, or can I just use 2 EOL resistors?

    No system Im aware of has the capability to monitor the power wires on 4-wire smokes, and if you used a second resistor Im not sure where you could put it that would provide that supervision. You dont technically HAVE to use the EOL relay at all, but if you want to ensure the smoke is always powered, you will need it.

  • Is this sensor completely compatible with my DSC HS2032 Neo control board?

    Yes, the 4W smokes work with all standard hardwired alarm systems.

  • can this be installed in attic with temps in the 100-110 range ?

    No, photoelectric smokes such as the 2W or 4W series should not be installed in an attic because of likely falsing due to the dusty enviornment likely there., There are only for finished interior spaces. A heat detector is the proper sensor for an attic. See here:

  • replacing System sensor 2112/24T , will 4WT-B be current replacement ?

    Yes the 4W series is the correct replacement for the System Sensor 2112 series.

  • I need a fire/Smoke detector to replace the one with my Radio shack Safe House security system, it calls for a 4 wire Smoke Detector supervised by a U. L. end of line module. Will any of these work for me?

    I am unfamiliar with the Radio Shack system as it's quite old, but if it's specs call for a 4 wire low voltage smoke with a normally open alarm circuit, yes these will work.

  • What is the difference between a 4wt-b and a 4wtA-b?

    The A means it has an audible sounder built into the smoke detector. That's the only difference. No sounder in this one and it relies only on the system sirens.