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Heat Detectors

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are used to detect heat instead of smoke. Heat detectors are recommended for fire protection in areas where naturally occurring smoke or fumes would cause a false alarm with a regular smoke detector. Places like kitchens or garages will benefit from using heat detectors. 

More About Heat Detectors

Heat detectors come in many varieties. Some just set off at a certain degree of heat. Once it gets to a certain temperature most heat detectors have an heat sensitive element that "pops" when the temperature is reached. Here we feature heat detectors that trip when the temperature reaches 135 degrees or 194 degrees.

There are other heat detectors which not only sense a certain temperature when it's reached but also can sense when the temperature rises at a certain rate of speed. These heat detectors contain two elements referred to as thermocouples. One thermocouple monitors heat transferred by convection or radiation while the other responds to ambient temperature. The detector responds when the first sensing element's temperature increases relative to the other. You can get this type of heat detector in 135 degree or 194 degree models as well.