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Smoke Detector Accessories

Smoke Detector Accessories

This category contains accessories that can be used with both two wire and four wire smoke detectors. These accessories can be used to trigger all smokes on a run or to supervise smoke detector power consumption. We even have canned smoke for testing the smoke detectors after installation.


More About Smoke Detector Accessories

Smoke detectors can be installed and used without these accessories but they do provide a bit of additional functionality if they are used in conjunction with two wire and 4 wire smokes. 

The first devices on the list are those that provide a polarity shift in the smoke loop to reverse it so as to set off sounders in smoke detectors that feature them like the 2WTA-B or the 4WTA-B smoke detectors. These models include the System Sensor RRS-MOD and the DSC PRM4W. These relays perform a polarity switch in the line to set off all sounders when one smoke is triggered. This is great for alerting people all over the building of a fire.

The next type of accessory that we offer for two wire and four wire smokes are the power supervision relay modules DSC RM-1, DSC RM-2, and the System Sensor SYS-EOLR1. These modules are used to supervise the power on the smoke line and if they lose power or the line is cut then these modules create a trouble condition alerting you.

The final offering we have in this section is the SmokeSabre canned smoke product. You can use this to test your smoke detectors after installation to make sure they are functioning properly.