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Smoke Detector Tester SmokeSabre


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Smoke Detector Tester SmokeSabre

The SmokeSabre is a handy way to test your smoke detectors. It's quick and convenient because of it's telescoping spray head. Flick your wrist, point and shoot. All you need is a short 0.5-1 second burst from the Sabre (repeat if necessary) to test your smoke detectors functionality. No more need to climb ladders to test your smokes and no more setting small fires with paper just to get smoke to test with.

The SmokeSabre is revolutionary in its design as the small holes in the spray head cause a better vaporization of the testing fluid allowing you to use less and for better dispersion of the testing fluid so that it doesn't leave a thick residue on the outside casing of the smoke detector. Also, when the Sabre's spray head is in the closed position it encases the trigger button to prevent accidental spraying.

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