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Specialty Contacts Switches

Specialty Contacts Switches

This category offers specialty switches and contacts for things other than doors and windows. Overhead door contacts, tamper switches and pull apart cords to name a few.

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More About Specialty Contacts Switches

Specialty switches and contacts are for use in situations other than normal coverage of a building and items that extend capability. We offer two wired garage door contacts. These are models TANE MET44WG18 and TANE 66WG. The MET44WG18 switch is a floor mount garage / overhead door contact and is usually mounted on the floor in the corner of the garage / overhead door. The magnet for the MET44WG18 is mounted on the door just above the switch side. The 66WG model is a track mounted garage / overhead door contact. The switch side of this mounts on the track of the door and the magnet mounts next to it on the door. 

We also have here the GRI TSC-20 tamper switch. If you need to protect your alarm cabinet door from tampering or you have another opening you want to monitor for tamper or opening such as a safe or lock box.  

In addition to that, we also have the Tane SM-35WGGR, a door contact featuring a wider gap for more difficult-to-monitor doors or windows. The wide gap function of this sensor allows up to a 1.2-inch gap between the sensor and magnet. Following that is the Tane PPS-11WH pull-apart type sensor. These pull-apart type sensors can be used for a variety of applications where something needs to stay in one spot. For example, by attaching one end of the pull-apart to a mower, and the other to your system, you can ensure that vehicle stays in its parked location. If that connection is broken or the contacts are pulled apart it will break the zone, which can then be used to alert you. Or they can be used as a simple gate contact, though the wiring connections will need some weatherproofing if exposed to the elements. Security solutions like these are cost-effective ways to protect your valuables, so use your imagination to accomplish what works best for you.