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System Sensor 5602 194 Degree / Rate of Rise Heat Detector


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System Sensor 5602 194 Degree / Rate of Rise Heat Detector

The System Sensor brand are an inexpensive and attractive line of heat detectors that will provide 24 hour protection for your location without breaking your budget! The System Sensor 5602 194 Degree / ROR Heat Detector triggers at 194 degrees or if the temperature rises faster than 15 degrees a minute. The plain housing is ideal for residential installations so as to not be an eye-sore in your home setting. You can mount this by using a single-gang box, or mount using a 3.5" or 4" octagonal bracket, or mount with a 4" square to round plaster ring. This also has a reversible mounting bracket.


Wiring: Single-Circuit
Heat Sensor: 194°F (90°C) fixed temperature, 15°F (8.3°C) per minute rate-of-rise
Wiring Gauge: 14-22 AWG
Dimensions: 1.69" (4.3cm) H x 4.57" (11.6cm) Dia.
Weight: 6 oz. (170 g)
Single Gang: Yes
3.5 inch Octagon: Yes
4 inch Octagon: Yes
4 inch Square: Yes
Operating Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH non-condensing


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  • Can this 5602P be wired along with a 2W-B smoke detector to the Zone 1 on a Vista 20P. These would be the only devices on Zone 1, and would be wired in parallel. I would think it should work. Thanks,

    No these should not be on the same circuit.

    While both are two wire devices, a smoke is a powered device and a heat is passive just like a switch and should not have power fed into them. Generally 2 wire smokes have a dedicated "special" input just for them and are programmed differently. Heats just use a regular zone.