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Access Control

Access Control

Nowadays Access Control is becoming more popularly related to automation type control. Using our line of Kwikset smart code locks, you can protect your home or business by automating when and how your doors lock.

More About Access Control

By using services such as or similar smart home services, you can not only use a coded door lock manually but also use z-wave to help you lock up at night. The Kwikset door locks we have are compatible with most smart home controls, and can be used in conjunction with an alarm system to give you layered protection. Using a rule on for example, allows you to trigger the lock when the system is armed or disarmed. This can also be set up in reverse so that when a code is manually entered on the lock, it disarms the alarm system as well. 

These Kwikset door locks are push-button coded and Z-Wave capable as well. The first model we have is the Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Plus SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect which is a coded deadbolt lock that can take the place of your current deadbolt to provide.

 The other model we offer is the Kwikset 912 Z-Wave SmartCode Lever Lock with Home Connect which is a coded door lever lock. It features the same Z-Wave capability as the 910 but is a regular door handle lock. It also features a code pad for using codes to lock and unlock it and can also be remotely manipulated if you have a Z-Wave controller being used with it.