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Miscellaneous Alarm Parts

Miscellaneous Alarm Parts

Rj31X jacks, special alarm DSL filters and cabinet locks.


More About Miscellaneous Alarm Parts

In this category we feature parts and pieces that are too general to have a home in the other categories. These are useful items that you can use with your alarm system and items to place around the home as deterrents. 

We have cabinet locks to use to secure your main control panel and it comes with two keys. We also carry the RJ31X line seizure phone jack. This can be used if you're using traditional copper landline and want the alarm system to take priority over the other handsets in the home when the alarm dials out. We also have the EXCELSUS Z-A431PJ31X-A DSL filter if you phone line has DSL internet running through it. 

We also feature alarm warning decals and yard signs that act as a deterrent to warn burglars that your home or business is protected by an alarm system.