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Alarm Strobe Lights

Alarm Strobe Lights

Compatible with all alarm systems we sell and available in three colors.
DSC SLCB Blue Strobe Light
DSC SLCC Clear Strobe Light
DSC SLCR Red Strobe Light
POT-SSX52SA Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Amber Strobe
POT-SSX52SB Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Blue Strobe
POT-SSX52SC Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Clear Strobe
POT-SSX52SR Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Red Strobe
POT-SSX82SA 24W Indoor/Outdoor Siren with Amber Strobe
POT-SSX82SB 24W Indoor/Outdoor Siren with Blue Strobe
POT-SSX82SC 24W Indoor/Outdoor Siren with Clear Strobe
POT-SSX82SR 24W Indoor/Outdoor Siren with Red Strobe
System Sensor-SpectrAlert P2R
System Sensor-SpectrAlert P2RK Outdoor Siren/Strobe
System Sensor-SpectrAlert P2W
System Sensor-SpectrAlert SR
System Sensor-SpectrAlert SW

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