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Alarm Strobe Lights

Alarm Strobe Lights

Compatible with all alarm systems we sell and available in multiple colors. Strobes are a great way to call attention to your property, maybe more so than a siren.


More About Alarm Strobe Lights

Strobe lights can be used as visual alarm verification devices. Most people use these in conjunction with sirens but they can also be used alone and are effective at bringing attention to an emergency situation in your home or business. These can also be used for other things than alarm system use. You could use a strobe in conjunction with a floor switch so that the strobe lights up when someone steps on the switch.

We carry strobes in several colors. We offer the DSC SLCB Blue Strobe LightDSC SLCR Red Strobe Light, and the DSC SLCC Clear Strobe Light. These strobes operate at 60,000 candela power and can be mounted on the outside of a building or on the inside as well. 

We also feature in this category Potter Signal siren / strobe combination units. These models include the POT-SSX52SAPOT-SSX52SBPOT-SSX52SCPOT-SSX52SRPOT-SSX82SAPOT-SSX82SBPOT-SSX82SC, and POT-SSX82SR. These can also be used for other installations other than being used with an alarm system. You can have these sound and flash when someone activates a relayed switch to warn of imminent danger when entering a certain area.