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Alarm Siren Drivers

Alarm Siren Drivers

For use with speakers to make a variety of different alert sounds.


More About Alarm Siren Drivers

Siren drivers are used for alarm speakers and most systems need a driver if a speaker is used. The only panel that would not need one would be a system like the Interlogix Networx alarm system which features a built-in driven siren output. 

We have 3 different siren drivers for use with alarm speakers. The first siren driver we carry is the DSC SDM-100 Two Tone Siren Driver. This has two tones. A yelp and steady tone. The next siren driver you can use for these speakers is the ELK 110 Voice Siren Driver. This siren driver has pre-recorded alert messages for burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide conditions spoken in English or Spanish. The last siren driver we offer is another voice siren driver. The ELK 120 Recordable Voice Siren Driver allows you to record your own sounds to play out through the speaker. You could, for instance, record your voice saying "Fire!" or "Burglary in progress!". You can put your voice behind the power of your alarm system using this one.