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ELK 120 Recordable Voice Siren Driver


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ELK 120 Recordable Voice Siren Driver

The ELK 120 is a siren driver that allows you to record your own sounds or speech to be played through an alarm speaker. It does come with pre-recorded sounds which you can sample below. But, it also features a built-in condenser microphone to allow you to record.

This siren driver has 4 channels. You can use 2 channels for the siren tones and 2 channels for the voice recordings or all 4 channels can be used for the voice channels. The total recording time, split between the 4 channels, is 8 minutes. The siren sounds can be played and intermixed with the recorded voice sounds. The voice channels can have a one off shot or continuous. 

This also features adjustable volume and current draw. It also features ELK's ComboTrigger™ mechanism which will allow the driver to operate on system's that have one bell output which changes tone based on the bell output's pulse.


• Operating Voltage: 11 to 14 Volts DC.
• Current Draw: .2 to 2 Amps, (depends on volume setting & speaker load).
• Sound Level: 120 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc, with one 8 ohm speaker.
• Max. Speaker Loading: 4 Ohms.
• Max. Message Length: 2 min. per channel in voice mode or 4 min. per 2 channels in siren mode.
• Pulsing Input: 1/2 to 2 Second Pulse, 50% duty cycle.
• Size: 3" x 5" x 1.25" (76 x 127 x 32mm).

Sound Examples:

Channel 1 (default message for Burglar)

Channel 2 (default message for Fire)

Channels 1+3 combined (default siren + Burglar message)

Channels 2+4 combined (default temporal coded horn + Fire message)

Channels 3+4 combined (Industrial Horn)


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