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Alarm Speakers

Alarm Speakers

These speakers sounders have no driver built in and require either a separate driver board or an alarm system that has an optional driven siren output built in such as GE's Caddx NetworX line. Speakers are generally only chosen when you want a special or unique siren sound.


More About Alarm Speakers

We offer several different alarm speakers styles to choose from. We have the ELK 1RT speaker which is encased in a stainless steel tamper-proof enclosure. You can mount this siren on the outside of the building on the wall or in an attic facing out a vent hole. The next speaker we have is the horn-style ELK SP30. This can also be used on the interior or exterior of your building to provide audible notification that a burglary or fire is occurring. The last speaker we offer is for indoor use only and can be mounted on the inside wall of a building. It is the ELK SP35.

As mentioned above; if you don't have an alarm system such as an Interlogix Networx alarm system that has a built-in driven siren output then you will need a driver for these speakers. We offer 3 different drivers for use with these. The first driver is the DSC SDM-100 Two Tone Siren Driver. This features a yelp and steady tone. The next siren driver you can use for these speakers is the ELK 110 Voice Siren Driver which features pre-recorded alert messages for burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide conditions. The last siren driver we offer is another voice siren driver. The ELK 120 Recordable Voice Siren Driver allows you to record your own sounds to play out through the speaker. You could, for instance, record your voice saying "Intruder Alert!" or maybe the sounds of fierce barking dogs.