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System Sensor COSMOD4W 4-wire Smoke CO Detector Interface Module


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System Sensor i4 Series 4-wire Smoke/CO Detector Interface Module

The COSMOD4W is the interface module that is required if you are using System Sensor's i4 series of Smoke/CO detectors. The interface module will allow you to connect in up to 12 i4 Series or compatible i3 Series smoke detector models. They use only 2 to 3 zones on the panel's control board. You'll have your smoke zone, your carbon monoxide zone, and an optional trouble zone if that's the way you'd like to set it up. Another really nice feature of the COSMOD4W is that it can be used to act as a traditional reversing relay would by initiating all of the sounders in the connected detectors so that no matter where the fire starts; other areas of the building can be notified. This module is compatible with most alarm control panels and mounts to a 4 11/16" square back box for easy installation.

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  • Do u need a separate power supply or will panel power work

    The answer to your question depends solely on how your Alarm System provides resetable power for 4-wire smoke detectors. For example the DSC NEO supports a programmable output (PGM) that provides ample power for the COSMOD and connected sensors. Honeywell Vista panels on the other hand do not have enough board power to do so, in which case you would use a 4204 relay module or to provide the COSMOD resetable power.