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Honeywell FG1625RFM Glassbreak Detector


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Honeywell FG1625RFM Glassbreak Detector

The Honeywell FG1625RFM Glassbreak Detector by Honeywell is their latest in glassbreak detectors that offers FlexCore signal processing. With FlexCore processing the detector lowers the event of a false alarm because it can tell the difference between breaking glass and other sharp noises such as knocking on the door, things being dropped, etc.

The FG1625RFM requires a 1" diameter hole to fit snuggly and securely into a drop ceiling or sheetrock. The detector can be tested by clapping your hands while it is in test mode. You can also select the sensitivity of it by adjusting the two DIP switches in the unit with a small screwdriver.

The FG1625RFM can detect breaks in all types of glass including plate, tempered,laminated, and wired to name a few.

Here are the specifications for the FG1625RFM:

Physical Dimensions:

- Small Front Cover: 1.8" (45mm) diameter

- Large Front Cover: 2.5" (63.5mm) diameter

- Wall Sleeve: For installation in 1.0"

(25mm) hole. Maximum depth,

without wire 2.6" (66mm)

Power Requirements:

- 8 - 16VDC, 5mA typical at 12VDC;

12mA max (Latched LED)

- AC ripple: 4V peak to peak at

the normal 12VDC

- RFI Immunity

30V/m, 10 MHz -1000 MHz


- 25' (7.6 m) maximum,

omnidirectional. Range is

adjustable; no minimum range

Alarm Relay:

- FG-1625: Form A, 90mA max,

16VDC max

Alarm Duration:

- Five seconds (unaffected by alarm

LED latching)

ESD Immunity:

- 10kV discharges of either polarity

to exposed surfaces


- Product Only: 0.96 oz (27.2g)

Pkgd Product: 1.90 oz (54g)

Operating Temperature:

- 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C)

- Storage: -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)



FG1625RFM Installation manual
FG1625RFM Data sheet


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