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Honeywell IS3035V PIR Motion Detector


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Honeywell IS3035V PIR Motion Detector

The Honeywell IS3035V PIR Motion Detector is an upgraded version of Honeywell's IS2535 and will provide your home or business with the best in motion detection that the industry has to offer. This is a dual technology motion detector which means that it will use its built-in DualCore signal processor will analyze PIR and microwave signals through the microcontroller. This will help cut down on motion detector false alarms because two ranges need to be tripped before sending an alarm signal to the main panel.

The IS3035V is also "pet friendly" as it allows you to, with the flip of a dip switch, set it to be able to distinguish between human movement and animal movement for pets up to 100 lbs. This also features white light immunity which means that the detector won't be set of by flashes of light such as flashlights, car headlights or any other flash of bright light.

This is a great addition to your hardwired security system.


40' x 56'/12 m x 17 m

9.0 - 15 VDC; 11 mA typical, 13 mA maximum;
AC Ripple: 3 V peak-to-peak at nominal 12 VDC

Alarm Relay
Energized Form A; 30 mA, 25 VDC,
22 Ohms resistance maximum.
Alarm Relay Duration: 3 seconds

Cover & Wall; (NC with cover installed) Form A;
30 mA, 25 VDC

Microwave Frequency

RFI Immunity
20V/m 10-1000 MHz, 15V/m 1000-2700 MHz

PIR White Light Immunity
6,500 Lux typical

Fluorescent Light Filter

Operating Temperature
14 F to 131 F/-10 C to 55 C

Relative Humidity
5 to 93%; non-condensing

Temperature Compensation
Advanced Dual Slope

3.86" H x 2.24" W x 1.71" D/
9.8 cm H x 5.7 cm W x 4.35 cm D

3 oz/85 g (net weight)

Pet Immunity

80 lbs./36kg

IS3035 Installation manual
IS3035 Data sheet


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  • Hello! So I’m looking for the best thing for my home does that IS335 Wired PIR Motion Detector also record video?

    Hi. No this is a motion sensor only and designed to work with an alarm system.